TeachBC Frequently Asked Questions

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Is TeachBC accessible to anyone?

Yes, anyone can access TeachBC.

Is a user login required?

A login must be created and used to upload resources only. Email is required for account creation and verification purposes.


Are there any costs associated with the resources?

No. TeachBC is a not-for-profit service. Resources that link to a site where payment or membership cost is required will be rejected.

Software requirements

Are there any software requirements?

Only a current web browser, with Javascript enabled, is required to view the TeachBC site.
You may be required to obtain the necessary software to open a downloaded resource file.

Site features

What is Your list?

This is a personalized list of resources you select. When viewing resources, you can click the Add to list button to create Your List. Select Your list from the resources main navigation menu and have quick access to resouces of interest to download, share, recommend, etc.

Please note that Your list is not tied to user login and, depending on browser settings, may be cleared at the end of your browser session.

Why don’t all resources have a Download count?

A download count can only be kept for resources with actual files on the TeachBC website. Resources that only link to other websites will not display this feature.

Resource files (sharing)

Are there file size restrictions?

Resource files exceeding 50MB will not be accepted.

Are there file type restrictions?

Audio and video files are not allowed. Please use another service (e.g., YouTube or Vimeo) to host your audio or resource video files and link to that location in the resource submission process.

We support a large variety of file types for upload purposes. See a complete list here.

What is the intent of the Learning Standards field?

This field provides you with a place to add a link to the Ministry of Education’s Prescribed Learning Outcomes and/or Learning Standards. See BC Curriculum Documents http://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/irp/all.php?lang=en (current) or https://curriculum.gov.bc.ca/curriculum (new curriculum drafts). Please note it is an optional field.

I've just uploaded a resource. When will it be available?

New resources will be reviewed and activated within two working days.

How can I change/update my online resource?

You can use our contact form to submit an updated resource file and maintain associated metadata and resource access information. Alternately, you can do a new resource upload and request a resource removal.

Resource files (browsing and downloading)

How does the Files button work?

Click Files to view the resource files. You can then open or save the file(s) individually.

How does the ZIP button work?

Click ZIP to download a zip file containing the resource file or files.

Why aren't there ZIP and Files buttons for some resources?

If you do not see the ZIP and Files buttons for a resource, only a URL has been included for that resource. Expand/toggle the resource details to view the URL(s). It is expected that related resource material will be found at the linked site(s).

What is the “Permalink”?

This is the link/URL for an individual resource file.

How can I view more resources from the same submitter/contributor?

Clicking the linked display name next to “Submitted By” in the resource detail will do a search for resources by the same submitter and return matching resources, if any.